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Happy Birthday!

Just wanna wish someone close to me in SOT.
A very happy birthday! Very honored to know such a great brother like you.
All the best Richard!

BV, Worship Leader

Past few days, have been asking God "God, you called me to be a worship leader but i have not even been given a chance to sing even as a bv. How am i supposed to be a worship leader then? " 

This desire in me has been on for around 3 years and truthfully, seeing that it isn't really progressing is really kind of disturbing and tiring.. I started asking myself, "is this really what God has called me to do? am i on the right path?" Seeing my friends slowly rising up, some don't even desire to be a bv but they got the position.. My hopes were really dashed at a point of time...

During mock cell group in SOT, I was given a chance to lead praise and worship.. The comments I got were "Wow, are you a cell group leader? Have you been leading praise for quite some time? or I could really sense God's prescence. I felt like crying." All these comments really lifted my spirit up.. But again, it dawned upon me.. If people could say all these good things about me, how come I'm still where I am now?

But today, Pastor Tan preached a superb message.. I now know that I have not been given a chance yet because God is still moulding me... Prior to this evening, I was talking to God and God spoke to me saying "Clarence, I know you are tired and disappointed. I know you have been trying your best to really rise up to be a worship leader. People might not see you as one yet but everyday when you worship Me, to Me, you are a worship leader." WOW! When i heard this, i immediately sms Lester, Vincent and Aswin..

I believe in God's timing and I believe that if He has called me to do something, He will definately make it come to pass..

Friends, maybe today you are clinging onto some promises and you feel like giving up.. Don't! I believe that as you cling on, God will make it come to pass for you too..

PS: I've been growing in Choir.. Now a helper in choir... Growing in SOT choir too.. Now going to take over SOT Choir.. Indeed, slowly but surely, I'm making my way there =) Praise the LORD!

Planetshakers - I Just Want You

Planetshakers - I Just Want You

More than a nice melody,
More than the sweetest of words,
This is the love i have found,
and with this love i am found

I just want You Jesus,
I just want You my Lord,
I just want You Jesus,
I just want You

Never could i comprehend,
The love you so freely give,
Never could i be with you,
But Your love covers all of my sin

There is no greater love than Yours,
Nothing else could ever compare,
And even if i search all the world
I will never find a love like Yours

Well, I just heard this song on tuesday and trust me.. It is super nice.. Straight away I was so blown away. It was like I immediately went into the HOH..

Confused State

So many things have been happening during the past few days.. Went Zoo with Team 22... Bought a new camera.. etc..

But something has been bothering me all these while.. Feel that I'm unable to focus..
It has come to a point whereby I don't even know who I feel comfortable to share this with..
Did not even share with my 2 best friends Aswin and Vincent..
Shared with a guy.. but apparently till now, he doesn't wanna reply me..
Kind of a typical behavior of his.. Really not pinning much hope that he would talk to me about it because during my previous problem, he also never reply..

My heart seems to be playing a fool with me.. I don't know which emotion I should trust..
I know I should control my emotions but when it comes to love, really hard..

Would you go ahead with something even if your friend gets hurt or would you rather yourself being the one who gets hurt?
I rather choose the latter.. but somehow, when it opposes your heart, you kind of want to hold on to it..

Don't really know what I wanna do next.. Hopefully time will be able to solve this situation of mine..

Before ending, here are some pics I took over the past few days =)


2nd Chance

Well, past week, didn't manage to get into SOT BV.. felt really dejected and disappointed because it has always been one of my goals to get into SOT BV...

I started to pray to God and asking for a 2nd chance.. and it happened today!

Today, they had an audition for people who missed the 1st audition.. Technically speaking, those who went for the 1st one, cannot go for the 2nd one..

It all happened when I just went over to help out.. Went to help some of the people with their singing and encouraging them..
Soon, it was left with the last team and I was still there.. So someone actually approached me and ask me if I was going for the audition.. So I told him that I went for the previous audition already...

So he just said "Do you want to go again?"
I said "I thought those who went the previous audition cannot go again?"
he said "Actually, cannot.. but doesn't matter.. just go"

My prayers were answered and I got my 2nd chance!
but before I could even practice, the team had to go in and sing already.. With totally no preparation, no confidence, I went in... And I blew my chances.. I was too nervous.. I stuttered, I couldn't breathe and my vocals were totally off pitch and key..
Worst singing ever!

Nevertheless, still wanna thank God because even if I didn't get in this time, it doesn't matter.. I wasn't supposed to be given this 2nd chance but I was and for that, I'm already luckier than alot of people who only got to go once...
All I have to do now is improve on my vocals and really overcome my stagefright..
Only way to do that is to be on stage more often and I hope I would have the opportunity =)


Hmm.. past few days, i'm felt like I was being put to a test.. A test of brotherhood and dream...

What if your bro lived your dream ?
What would you do ?

Been in a struggle for the past few days because that is what happened to me..
He didn't do it intentionally but nevertheless, it happened..

I believe to many, it is really a tough choice to make.. just like for me..
Brotherhood or dream?

Constantly battling in my mind.. my emotions..

But in the end,brotherhood is what I really treasure..
Dreams are what I want to do.. What I hope for and what I wish for..
Yes, they are important to me.. but it is not worth losing a friend over it..
The day will come where it will be my turn to shine..
I know, one day, i will be delivered to where I'm supposed to be =)

But right now, i should be proud of my bro for being able to make it all the way there..
I will help you all the way till you hit the finishing line..

Friends are something you can find anywhere.. But Brothers are people who have been with you through thick and thin.. It is not easy to be branded a brother.. but I know I chose each of my bros correctly.. =)

My Life, Your Song

Was really pondering today.. and this title came into my mind..
Most of you would know that this is a song from my church.. A song that I really like..
But this post is more of my own interpretation of this title..

Well, everyday as I live my life, I wonder.. Everything I do, what meaning is there ?
Playing games.. what meaning does that bring to my life ?
Movies ?
Studies ?
Blogging ?

So many things i've been doing but none of it seems to have a deeper meaning...
Most of the time, everything is done for my own entertainment..

Then, I was reminded that everything I do, I do because I'm a living testimony of how great God is..
There is no lyrics more powerful than the ones people see with their own eyes..
I am like God's song.. Every part of my life is a lyric that God wrote..
In order for the song to be written correctly, to be sung at its best, the only thing I have to do is to walk the path God has guided me to..

When I go up to heaven, I would want to see the song that God has written for me.. I believe it will be the best song i've ever heard.. =)

Christ Commemorated

Wow.. On Sat 11 Apr 2009, The Straits Times had an article on City Harvest Church! I am so amazed at how impactful our church is...
We are truely shining for God in Singapore.. Here is a glimpse of the article.. For full info, guess you need to get your hands on the Straits Times... =)

By Yen Feng

The cricification scene at City Harvest Church's Easter drama The Final Solution, which is staging at Singapore Expo Hall 8 as well as its Jurong West Street 91 building this weekend. -- PHOTO: STRAITS TIMES

FROM theatrical drama to a solemn candle-lit procession, Christians yesterday commemorated the death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday.

The different styles marked the diversity of local churches here, from mega-churches to smaller, community parishes.

Bethesda Cathedral, Trinity Christian Centre and City Harvest Church, with more than 34,000 followers, yesterday staged large-scale productions centred on the theme of love and forgiveness.

At the Singapore Expo last evening, City Harvest Church, a charismatic church, staged The Final Solution, a drama about Jesus' crucifixion, with the help of 150 volunteers who worked as actors, ushers and costume-makers.

More than 8,000 church-goers filled the hall, wired with giant LCD screens, cameras and a surround-sound system.

The free performance is expected to draw more than 50,000 people over the Easter weekend.

The high-energy production was in contrast to a more sombre ceremony taking place downtown.

At Singapore's oldest Roman Catholic Church in Victoria Street, parishioners re-enacted a centuries-old Portuguese Good Friday ritual - the removal of Christ's body from the cross after the crucifixion.

St Joseph's Church, which was built in 1912, is said to have been founded by Portuguese settlers between 1851 and 1853.

Last night, more than 4,000 people attended the church's ceremony.

SOT BV Audition

Wish I could turn back time and do it all over again...

Happy for Wenglok.. He got into SOT BV! 
Happy for Vincent... Lead in Children Church Easter!